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Leopard-Print Nails

Show off your animalistic side with this easy leopard-print nail art design. Use traditional leopard colors or mix it up and use bold colors for an unconventional twist on the animal-print trend. Either way you'll be channeling your inner wild child.

Animal print nail looks are super hot. But you don't have to go on Safari to get the style. Try this technique with traditional Leopard colors or switch them up for a truly exotic look. To start, gather your materials. You'll need polishes in neutral, dark brown and metallic gold. You'll also need a dotting tool, a paper plate, a base coat and a clear top coat. After applying a base coat to protect your nails, paint them your favorite shade of neutral polish and let them dry. Add small spots of the metallic gold polish to each finger allowing enough room around each so you can add a dark brown highlight. Pour a bit of the brown polish on the plate and use the tip of the dotting tool to draw small c-shape brackets around the spots. Let them dry then add a protective top coat to seal the design. And there you have it- a domesticated look you'll go wild for.