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Silver-Tipped French Manicure

Make this sophisticated nail art design your everyday manicure staple. Simply use scotch tape and a silver polish to create a crisp straight line along the tips of your nails for a fresh spin on the traditional French manicure.

A fresh take on the French manicure, this silver-tipped effect will become your new everyday favorite. To start, gather your materials. We use light pink and dark silver polish. Scotch tape will help you get that straight, fine line. You'll also need a base coat and a top coat. After applying a base coat to protect your nails, apply pink polish to each finger and let them dry thoroughly. You may want a second coat to get a solid color. Once the polish is dry, apply the tape near the tip of each nail revealing a very small sliver on each finger. Press down along the edges to make sure you have a good seal. Next, paint the tip of each nail with dark silver and let it dry before you remove the tape. Apply a top coat to seal and protect. And just like that, you have a look you can wear anywhere and with anything. Give it a try today.