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How to Use a Bobby Pin

A bobby pin is an essential for every girl’s hair kit. Learn our secrets for getting a bobby pin in your hair securely and even how to hide it in your finished ’do. Once you learn how to use a bobby pin, you can take on any number of hairstyles, especially pretty updos.

Hey you. Take a seat. We're going on a little date with Bobby. Bobby pin that is. Today, I'm gonna show you the three ways that I use bobby pins. The first technique is to slide it flat against your head. The second technique is for you thick-haired people out there. That's to use another bobby pin and make an X sort of like for extra hold. The final technique which is great for taking big sections of hair and for hiding the bobby pin is to separate the two prongs, scoop a section of hair with the longer prong, before pushing it in. Great job. After all, learning how to use a bobby pin properly is the first step to getting really good at updos.