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How to Use a Curling Wand

Love the look of loose waves or tight ringlets? The secret is to use a curling wand. Unlike a curling iron with a clamp that can leave kinks or lines at the bottom of your curls, a curling wand delivers a more natural look. Learn how to use a curling wand like a pro and you can have salon-pretty curls in minutes.

They say a magician never reveals their secrets but today must be your lucky day, 'cause I'm about to show you how to get the perfect waves for the curling wand. So the difference between a curling wand and a normal curling iron is there is no clamp so it's actually really, really easy to use. All you do is take sections and wrap it around the curling wand. You can wrap as loosely or tight as you want and you can take different size sections to play around with the curl. Obviously, a smaller section will results in a tighter curl and various sections will be more loose and flowy and to prevent damaging your hair, you only wanna let it sit on the iron for a few seconds. You can kind of touch it and if your finger wants to jump, it's heated all the way through. A lot of my clients will tell me that even if they don't know how to use a curling iron, they're pretty good at using a curling wand. It might be worth investing in. I just like to loosen up the curls a little bit by running my fingers through. Turns out, you don't need a top hat to pull gorgeous waves out of, you just need a curling wand.