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How to Flat Iron Hair

Every girl can benefit from using a flat iron. Use this styling tool to smooth out frizzy hair days. Girls with curly hair can achieve a whole new look with a flat iron. Even girls with straight, lifeless hair can get a little lift with a flat iron. The trick is to protect your hair from over heating. Here’s how to flat iron your hair.

Using a flat iron is the quickest and easiest way to get smooth, straight hair. Just be careful not to damage your ends in the process. Here are my tips to getting slick hair without torturing it. To protect my ends from the heat, I'm just gonna start by applying a little argan oil, just about a dime-sized amount. And I apply it to everything below my chin. Now you just gonna section your hair off and get started. By using a comb when you flat iron, you can get it smoother and straighter without having to go over it so many times. The size of your sections and partings all depend on how thick your hair is. Mine is fine so I can take pretty big sections. At the root, I like to just tap the flat iron rather than really get in there so that you don't take away all the fullness. I prefer straight hair that has a little movement to it rather than pin straight so don't go over each piece too many times, silky straighty.