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How to Use Hairspray

Need a little lift in your hair? Or want to hold an extreme style? Hair spray is just the product for you. The trick is learning how to apply it and choosing the right product—either a aerosol or a spritz. Here’s how to properly use hairspray.

Hair spray is a quick and easy way to get your hair to hold a style. The trick is learning how to apply it properly. I like to use aerosol because it comes out in a mist rather than in spritz so it coats your hair more evenly. So I wanna focus on my roots so that I have lots of volume. So I'm just going to hold it up a little bit and spray about 6 inches away. By spraying far enough away, you can avoid a lot of stiffness but still get the hold. You can also spray it and then smooth it with your hands or a brush to really seal it in. This works especially well if you're wearing your hair up. Oh look at the volume. A little hair spray sure went a long way.