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Bouncy Curled Hairstyle

Want a holiday look with lots of volume and sexy smolder? This bouncy, curled style is perfect for any holiday occasion. Adorn with a festive bow and you're ready to party!

This year, my curls and I will be attending all of our holiday parties with our two best "B's": bounce and body. So, for the bounciest curls, I like to start in the front. And I'm going to be using a one-inch curling iron today. For curls that last the longest, I start in the mid shaft of the hair and feed the rest of the strands up through. Now, you're just going to heat it until your fingers kinda wanna jump off the iron. Once you release it, hold it into a little ball until it cools off. Final step is to put your hands in the root section of your hair and shake it out. I'm just gonna finish this style by adding a bow. You can just take any gift-wrapping ribbon and make a bow out of it, and just slide a bobby pin through the knot in the back so that you can attach it to your hair. Part your hair where you wanna wear it, and then you can slide the bobby pin right on in. Looks like we've just added another "B" to our possie. Bounce, body, and a bow.