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Tiered Ponytail with a Holiday Twist

Create the look of a super long ponytail with this tiered pony technique, then top it all off with a sparkly holiday bow for a party-ready look this season.

What if I told you I know the trick to the longest, prettiest, most playfuliest ponytail you or anyone else ever heard of? You're all ears, right? Let's get started. So, the first step to this magic ponytail is to section your hair into two parts. What you're gonna do is put the lower section into a ponytail. Then, drop the second section. Just gonna gather the hair with my hands, so that it's not too smooth. I'm going to secure it with a Bungee. Basically, just hooking it in and wrapping it around. You can also use a normal elastic. And you have a very long ponytail without extensions. For my last step, I'm just going to add a bow that I swiped from my gift wrap supplies. It's basically just a bow that I tied. And you're just going to wiggle a bobby pin into the knot. It's like my hair is a present that I'm giving to all the holiday partygoers. Just me and my bow under the mistletoe.