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Heidi Braids Holiday Style

Put a festive touch on your Heidi braids this holiday season by adding a sparkly bow to your 'do. See how easy it is to weave a ribbon through your hair as you braid it. The finished look will have you holiday ready in no time!

This lovely little style is my holiday take on the classic Heidi braid. Stay tuned to learn how. To get started, you're just going to part your hair all the way down the center to the nape. Now, what makes this different from a normal Heidi braid is that I'm going to be adding a gold holiday ribbon. First, you put it across the back of your head, and you can just temporarily secure it with a bobby pin that you'll take out later. Next, you're going to take three sections, adding the ribbon to one of them, and braid like normal. And secure with an elastic. And repeat on the other side, and loosen up just a little bit so the ribbon shows through. The next step is to pull each side up and pin in place. The last step is to tie the ribbon into a bow. Remove the bobby pin. Happy yodelayhee holidays.