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Soft Evergreen Smoky Eye

Smoky eye looks are all the rage right now, but smoky isn't always blacks and grays. Try this evergreen smoky eye for a sensational, sexy eye look that's just right for the holiday season.

Tue, 26 Nov 2013|

Smoky eyes are all the rage right now. Try this evergreen smoky eye for a sensational holiday look. Always begin with a prime eyelid. I'm sweeping a pale gold color called Strike from Urban Decay's Vice 2 Palette from the lash line all the way to just above the crease. Now I'm going to grab this beautiful emerald color called Damaged and apply that from the lash line to the crease. I'm taking that same color and sweeping it along the lower lash line. To begin to deepen our evergreen look, I'm going to grab the color poison and apply to the outer corner of the eye. Then I'm taking my blending brush and blending that color inwards and into the crease. Highlight just under your brow bone with the matte vanilla shade. Sketch a black pencil liner along your top lash line and then smudge it out to keep the look soft and smoky. Take that same black pencil liner and line the inner rim of your lower lid. Now it's time for mascara. Apply to your bottom lashes first and then your top. Always curl your lashes prior to wearing false lashes. This is going to help them to blend in just that much better. We're using half lashes because they're much more comfortable to wear all night and they're going to give a more elongated feel to the eye. To top off your look, apply a matte peachy nude shade to the lips. And now you're ready for that holiday party.