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Packing Tips: How to Pack Shoes

Packing for any trip can be a challenge. Between figuring out what to pack and how to pack it, a lot of time can be lost in the process. We've got the tips to help you pack shoes effectively, efficiently and in no time at all.

[MUSIC]. When it comes to packing your shoes, there is one rule to always follow, and that is, only pack three pairs. Of course it's gonna depend the kind of trip you're on, but a good rule of thumb is, one comfortable pair of slip on, slip off, flats, which makes getting through security a snap. A great heel that is comfortable, as well as functional. Nude is always a great bet. And, lastly, your super comfortable pair of shoes. If you'd like to work out everyday, go for a pair of sneakers. If you're less athletically inclined, go for a great pair of comfortable flats. If you're gonna be packing socks, definitely pack them inside a pair of shoes in order to save space. Another must follow tip when packing your shoes is to use a shoe bag. Shoes can be the dirtiest items inside your suitcase. When it comes to packing your shoes, but your heaviest pair in first. Put your heels in second and arrange them heel toe, heel toe and then end it with your lightest pair on top. [MUSIC] You're good to do. [MUSIC]