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Beach Vacation Packing List

Packing for a beach vacation can be a challenge. Between figuring out what to pack and how to pack it, a lot of time can be lost in the process. We've got the tips to help you pack all the essentials effectively, efficiently and in no time at all.

[MUSIC] Headed to the beach soon? Well, you're gonna pack the obvious things. Swimsuit, flip flops, shorts. But I'm gonna share with you my 5 must-pack essentials, for any beach vacation. First essential is a stylish sun hat. It's great for protecting your skin against the harmful UV rays of the sun, and helps you look chic as you travel to the beach. [NOISE] A lightweight scarf doubles as a blanket on the plane and also can be a sarong on the beach. [NOISE] [MUSIC]. The three pairs of shoes you need for any beach vacation are: a pair of comfortable flats to slip in and out of at the airport, metallic sandals for your days at the beach, and a pair of new pumps for your evenings out. [MUSIC] I always pack a breezy blouse for any beach vacation. They make for a great swim suit topper during the day, and pair perfectly with a little miniskirt or a pair of shorts for dinner at night. I never hit the beach without a waterproof pouch filled with a couple of my all important essentials. My two go to items are a powdered energy drink, and a sunscreen towelette. Not shown, bottles of water. Stay hydrated people. [MUSIC]