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How to Apply Bronzer to Contour or Fake a Sun-Kissed Glow

Bronzer can be used to contour and create definition in your features or simply to make it appear as though you've had a restful vacation seaside. Whichever look you're going for, learn all about how to apply bronzer for a natural, beautiful look.

[MUSIC] So I'm going to show you the contour style application with Benefits cool up and the angled blush brush. So we are going to just grab a little bit. Tap off the excess, and I always start in the hollows of my cheeks. The guide point for this is to start at the top of your ear and go towards but not to the corner of your mouth. You can also make a fish face. And find them that way. Sometimes I have to do that. [MUSIC] They want to make sure that you blend back into your hair. If you are a blonde, you would have to be a little more careful with this. When you are wondering how far to come in, you kinda wanna use the edge of your iris as the guidepoint for that. So, now that I've laid that down, I'm going to start to connect on the temples and around the hairline to the other side [MUSIC] Okay now for the other application method which is more of a light dusting, I'm going to use the NYC bronzer. It's a little more forgiving, easier to control, and I'm going to use a fluffy dome-shaped brush. And make sure you tap it off. And then kind of just follow the high points of your face. So cheek bones, hair line, temples, bridge of your nose, so. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] This type of application is better if you are not a blush person because you actually just kind of sweep the bronzer over the blush area. The contouring side is better for those that do like to wear blush and kind of feel naked without it. So, if you are a blush person like myself, I'll show you where you're gonna that blush, which will always be after you do your bronzer. So I am going to grab some blush on a blush brush. So many things that are hard for me to say. [LAUGH] And I'm actually just going to put that above the bronzer, on the apples of the cheeks. And you can blend them together so that they transition nicely. There isn't a striker bronzer and a spot of blush. [MUSIC]. So I hope you've learned a little more about bronzer today, and I have some quick takeaway tips. Use matte finishes, more cool toned if you want to contour but really never anything too orange under tone and use the right brush. Using those three tips, you will be able to create either a subtly contoured look or a sun-kissed glow.