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How to Hide Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dark circles under your eyes can make you look tired even when you're not. Bring life and light to your face by learning how to get rid of dark circles with a few simple makeup tricks.

[MUSIC]. Hi. Today we're going to talk about how to erase and brighten up those dark circles. [MUSIC] We are going to hydrate and prime the area. We're going to color correct, conceal, and then we're going to set it with powder. As a little extra credit, we are going to highlight around the orbital bone to draw more light to that area. First you're going to pat on some Smashbox hydrating under eye primer. [MUSIC]. You're going to pat this on just as you would an eye cream, being very gentle around the eye area. It's going to just kinda prime and get this area ready for the concealer. Now we're going to take the first step in neutralizing that darkness by using a color corrector. If my under-eye circles are much more purple slash red, I'm using a yellow color to cancel that out. If your under-eye circles are more of a blue tone, you would want to use a more salmon or peachy color corrector. Now that we've corrected, it's time to conceal. I'm using Kat Von D's tattoo concealer, because it's a very opaque, high coverage cream concealer, that's perfect for the under eye area. I'm first laying it down in a fan shape, with a brush. And then I'm going back in, and blending it out lightly with my ring finger. [MUSIC]. To avoid the dreaded under eye creasing you'll definitely want to set your concealer with a powder. I'm using Ben Nye's Banana Powder. But you can feel free to use a translucent powder here too. [MUSIC]. To really highlight this under-eye area, I like to add one finishing touch. I take an illuminating powder highlighter, like NARS Albatross, and dust it on the orbital bone or the small C shape that surrounds your eye area. Thanks so much for watching, hopefully your dark circles are now a little less dark. [MUSIC]