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DIY Lipstick: How to Make a Custom Lip Color

If you have a favorite eye shadow color and wish you had a lipstick to match, no problem! With just a few basic ingredients and a few minutes, you can whip up a custom lip color in no time.

[MUSIC] Have you ever loved the color of an eyeshadow or blush, and wished there was a lipcolor in the same shade? With just two ingredients, you can make your own customized lip color. You will need petroleum jelly, like Aquaphor or Vaseline, the powder product you want to duplicate the color of. An empty container, like a clean eye cream jar, and disposable mascara wands. Begin by scraping the mascara wand over the shadow's surface and onto a piece of paper. Go a little overboard. You will use more pigment than you think. [MUSIC] Next, place about a teaspoon of Aquaphor in a small bowl and funnel the powder in. Mix the two ingredients together thoroughly. You may add more or less pigment depending on your desired final look. [MUSIC] Now scoop your creation into a small jar or container. You just made yourself a customized lip color. [MUSIC] Don't be afraid to mix different colored pigments or even use a little shimmer, too. [MUSIC]