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No Surgery Needed! Fake a Nose Job with Makeup

If you think your nose is too wide, too short, or more crooked than Owen Wilson's, you're not alone. Plenty of women list their noses as their least favorite facial feature. But don't call in a surgeon just yet! You can use makeup to give yourself the nose of your dreams.

Tue, 15 Jul 2014|

if you don't love your nose try this contouring technique before you make a appointment at your plastic surgeons office grab your cream bronzer this is sonya casics cream bronzer and its just awesome ill using a flat synthetic brush and im starting at the inside end of my eyebrow. You're going to start to go down the slope of the bridge of your nose. And as you can see, I have a bump on this side of my nose, so I'm kind of working around it. You have to ignore that it's there and just be as straight as you can, following the natural curvature of your nose. You're going to bring these shadow lines in a lot further than where your natural shadow lie. I am building and not trying to do this in one swoop. Once you get to the end of your nose you're going to take your lines underneath the edge of your nose and kind of connect them in a diamond shape. If you feel like your nose is too long you can actually add. Some more shadow on the very bottom part to make this area seem visually shorter. Now we're ready to blend out the lines we've laid down. So I'm using a synthetic eye shadow brush. This is from Real Techniques. And this is going to just soften our lines, make them not so obvious. And that's going to give this the most natural appearance. Now that we've contoured, or laid down the shadow areas, we are ready to highlight. I'm using a concealer that's lighter than my skin tone. This is by Nars, and I'm drawing a little fan shape between my eyebrows, taking it very thinly down the bridge of. My nose, and then doing a little pop on the end. This is going to give your nose a little bit more of a cute, upturned appearance. You also wanna highlight right under the eyes in a fan shape, placing a highlight on either side of your shadow you've created is going to make that appear even more. three dimensional, and of course you want to blend everything out seamlessly so we don't see where one color ends and the next one begins. For a little extra highlight. Lighting. I like to take a liquid luminisor this is Stila's kitten and place it over those highlight areas just to catch the light even more. [MUSIC] Hopefully my nose is looking a little thinner. A little straighter. Just a little more three dimensional in general. And I didn't even have to visit a doctor's office. [MUSIC]