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How to Get Perfect Eyebrows: Pro Tricks for Defining and Shaping

Well-defined brows can change the look of your entire face. But there's a difference between brow definition that makes you look angry or tired and shaping that makes you appear youthful and well-rested. Learn how to do your eyebrows to highlight your facial features.

[MUSIC] Almost nobody's brows grow in as far or out as far as they could. The guideline for this is to take a pencil, brush, straight object, and lay it against the. Dimple of your nose. Not the outside, but the dimple here. This is where your brow should begin. As far as the arch, and not everybody has an arch. I do, but I know a lot of people with straight brows, more rounded brows, so just go with your natural shape. But if you do have an arch, that should lie. Kind of an arrow was shooting through the center of your pupil. About there. And as far as how far out your brow should go, this is something that almost no one's go out as far as they could. And it's really crucial in full rows cuz this end will disappear. You'll notice. [MUSIC] For that, you are gonna use the edge of your nose. Lay that object here. And then you'll see how far out you could take that brow if you wanted to. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo. All the duos, like their name says, have two colors. That is awesome because you can use this lighter color in the duo to fill in on the inside corner of your brow. And switch to the darker color as you move [MUSIC] [INAUDIBLE] outwards, where your brow, naturally, should be darker. Another tool you'll want to have is a stiff angled brush. Make sure it's stiff enough so that you can create those hair-like strokes. You might also wanna have a lash or brow comb, like this. Or a [UNKNOWN], which looks like a mascara wand. This is so you can brush through your brows, distribute the color. And make sure the hairs lie where they need to. An extra credit step might be, Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel, or any clear brow gel or maschera actually would work. You do want to really highlight and carve out that brow shape. You might want to concealar in one or two shade lighter then your skin tone. We're going to start by taking the lighter color of powder. With an angled brush. I'm going to dip it in my light color first, and start on the inside of my brow. I am going to angle my brush like this. This. And start to make short strokes, upward strokes. I also like to go right underneath the bottom. Kind of draw that initial line. Just grab more powder as you go along, always working in upward strokes. So ground more of your powder in the darker shade, and just follow along your natural brow shape. You may need to groom the hairs [UNKNOWN] so take a brow brush or even a little toothbrush, and just brush upwards so you can see where the brow hairs lie. Something you can do if you feel like can't really. See where that top line should be, is actually brush the hair downwards and you can get an idea of where that line would be. I'm going to use the Anastasia Beverly Hills clear brow gel. Does not add any color but it will keep them locked into place. So just brush upward strokes. You can use a concealer to highlight below. Make a very clean line underneath there. Of course you want to blend it out. You can use your finger or a brush. This also helps to camouflage, if you haven't plugged your eyebrows in a while you can kind of cover up those hairs. So, when filling in your brows in order to keep them natural here are three. Three things I want you to remember. Use short hair-like strokes, you don't wanna draw it on in one big swoop. Two, I want you to keep the interior part lighter and create that gradation that gets darker toward the end. And three, follow your natural brow shape.